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The occasional list I like to write down of what is inspiring me, what I'm thinking about, what I'm learning.

  1. This Instagram post as well as her "Modern Manners" book for teens

  2. Honeymark swimwear - Wore these this summer, well worth the investment. Without going into too much detail, I will just say have never seen or owned a nicer swimsuit designed for actual womens bodies. I ordered the sage romper, and it covers all the places just the right amount for me, plus it has pockets and it makes me feel comfortable. Praise, praise.

  3. I don't actually like Amazon, for a number of reasons, but their Wish List and Registry features have been such helpful tools to use to bless and facilitate giving in some unusual circumstances this past spring (baby shower for someone who lives very far away, collecting donations for a school fundraiser). It's a good example of how technology can be used to bless and benefit.

  4. This recipe for chocolate chip scones that uses up leftover sourdough discard is just phenomenal. My daughter said they're actually just cookies in scone form which may be true but they are still delicious!

  5. My friend Emily has an email list for gatherings of things kind of like this list I'm making right now and her most recent one was really inspiring to me - especially her book recommendations: Little Roots co newsletter

  6. Job 38 - such a good reminder of all that God is.

  7. All of Hannah Anderson's writing: All That's Good, Humble Roots, Made for More

  8. Francie Winslow

  9. The Lowland Kids beach romper pattern - such a quick, fun sew

  10. Hope's Table cookbook - easy, practical weeknight cooking that pulls me out of a pinch pretty regularly and that contains a number of meals that are easy for meal trains.

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