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A list of things that are impacting my thinking, inspiring me, and challenging me lately:

  1. The Steadfast devotional by Well-Watered women. It has been such a gift of a tool while we work through a career change and life transitions in our family. It's not deep or complicated, but it's real and easy to apply.

  2. Psalm 139

  3. Lifewise Academy and the grace that God is extending to the Princeville community to begin a program here!

  4. Get Mom Strong and her barre classes specifically, but also Slam 30 and all the others! Her strategies and workouts have brought me some much-needed hope and stage in my current body and motherhood season, and I'm so grateful.

  5. The Duolingo app - This is a poignant example for me of how God is patient and kind in his timing. I have wondered for years how to help my children learn Spanish, and when and how to prioritize it in our family. Almost two years ago I purchased a couple of used iPads to try to begin a sustainable screen time routine for our family and it just never caught on because I just so strongly dislike screen time at all. But this summer our family has the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in Mexico and so I knew this was the moment. I installed the Duolingo app on the iPads on a whim to see if it would help, and Ivory and Titus jumped right in. They are picking up some things, they are gaining confidence and practicing their speaking and they are learning. It is encouraging to see that God helped me to gather the materials for when the time was right, and then showed me when the time was right. So I'm not sure what I like more -- the Duolingo app, or the way God has used it in my life and theirs. Anyway, it's a story of His faithfulness.

  6. The song "Made for More" by Josh Baldwin. Specifically, the line "So why would I make a bed in my shame when a fountain of grace is running my way?"

  7. The Anderson Family CD we bought at the Lifepoints Gospel Sing has been on repeat in our van!

  8. This quote that I saw shared by These Stones, but attributed to "H.L. Sidney Lear": "When persons have learnt to look upon the daily course of their ordinary life, with its duties and troubles, however commonplace, as their offering to God, and as the safest school for themselves of perfection, they will have made a very important step in the spiritual life. Another step, so simple that it is often despised, is to do everything, however ordinary, as well as it can possibly be done, for God's sake. A third is to be always pressing forward; when a mistake is made, or a fault committed, to face and admit it freely; but having asked God to supply the deficiency caused by our own infirmity, to go on steadfastly and hopefully."

  9. This sermon by Tim Keller: "The Man the King Delights to Honor"

  10. This article: The Spiritual Life of the Therapist

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