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three things I learned about parenting from reading Genesis 3

God and Adam's relationship is the first example we have in Scripture of a Father/son. And there's much I can learn from reading and re-reading how God handled the first sin, the fall, the situation that would change mankind for all time.

When God knew there was sin present...

  1. He still came to Adam seeking communion and fellowship. He wasn't passive-aggressive, nor did He give Adam the silent treatment, nor did He become angry. He still came to Adam, as He had a habit and routine of doing, each day, meeting with him, checking in with him, walking with him and seeing how he was doing.

  2. God didn't come down harshly on Adam, with accusations and a know-it-all attitude. He DID know it all, as we already know... but He didn't use that information or authority to take advantage of Adam. Instead, He came to Adam asking and intreating, inviting him, again, into relationship. He gave Adam a voice in the situation, offering an opportunity for confession and reconciliation.

  3. God listened, and then administered consequences that were directly related to the sin. He still cared for them, and clothed them, and covered their sin and shame... but also carried out consequences in an act of great love and great mercy. He would not allow their sin to go unpunished, because He loved them more than that. But He also did not leave them alone in their sin.

And ultimately, He placed a cherubim to "guard the way to the tree of life"... so that eternally speaking, there would be further opportunity for hope and redemption. He has always made a way through sin and shame.

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