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when we rest

I read a quote from Ruth Chou Simons (author of Gracelaced) on her instagram the other day...

When we rest, we put our theology to the test. Which is to say: what we believe about God shows up in the way we love, forgive, face trials, work with excellence, and the way we rest.

She goes on to list a few things that are manifested when we truly REST in the Lord... and demonstrate that He is all we claim He is in our lives. My own list is something like this:

When I rest, I am showing that I believe...

  • God is God, and I need Him.

  • God is able to work and make changes in my life and the lives of those around me, even if I am not the author of those changes, and even if I am not actively, physically working toward them in this moment.

  • God is sufficient to give me all that I need.

  • God, like a parent, will provide for me - I do not need to seek provision of my own strength.

  • I am not in control.

  • God's timeline is clear and precise and I can wait, trusting that He is working.

  • My body and my mind are finite; I need restoration from God.

  • I depend on the Lord for everything that I have, and trust Him to give it freely, in His time.

  • God is able to work in circumstances and people beyond my control.

  • I can release control and things will not fall apart.

  • It does not all depend on me.

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Hi, I'm Hannah.

Thanks for being here... I pray God will use this space to bless you!

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